Madonna Catholic Regional School is a Catholic elementary school that maintains the right to establish a uniform dress code for its students.

It is recognized that proper school attire and good grooming are conducive to a student’s educational and social development.dresscode

This Dress Code was developed

  • to promote a Christian atmosphere
  • to free children for academic concentration
  • to de-emphasize competition among children regarding clothing
  • to allow more economical dress for school
  • to provide some choice to accommodate individual differences

This Dress Code is required of all students in all grades, kindergarten through eighth grade. Uniforms are not required in preschool or pre-kindergarten.

This policy is intended to maintain a standard of dress that is neat, economical, modest and attractive.

The uniforms consist of the following items:

  • Plaid jumper or culottes (must be purchased through the uniform company only)
  • Navy or khaki uniform shorts, slacks, or skorts (must be purchased through the uniform company only)
  • White, navy, or khaki uniform shirts or blouses (must have collars)
  • White or navy turtlenecks are permitted
  • Navy uniform sweaters or Madonna logo sweatshirts

Navy or white Madonna logo T-shirts are to be worn on gym days. Gym uniforms also include plain or Madonna logo navy or black shorts or sweatpants and tennis shoes. Shorts must be an acceptable length and t-shirts should not be tied or rubber banded.

Gym uniforms may also be worn on School Spirit Days. Unless otherwise noted, the Madonna gym uniform t-shirt must be worn on all Dress Down Days or Jean Days.

Dress shoes or clean athletic shoes should be worn at all times. Shoes should not be platforms, clogs, boots, or sandals. Socks must be worn at all times. Socks should be white, navy or tan. Tights of the same colors may be worn in the winter months. Dress uniform of collared shirts and dress shoes is required on all Mass days.

Jewelry is not part of our school uniform. Hair is at all times to be well groomed and out of a student’s line of vision.

Students are permitted to dress-up on their birthday. This is NOT a dress-down day. No jeans, t-shirts, or tennis shoes are permitted. Please use proper discretion when selecting dress clothes. Administration reserves the right to call home if they feel your child is dressed inappropriately.

This uniform policy will be strictly enforced with consequences for noncompliance.