Students provide their own school supplies and are expected to comply with individual teacher requirements. Supplies needed by students vary at each grade level and are determined by subject. Teachers inform students of specific supplies and quantities during the first week of


Basic supplies that should be assumed to be needed by all students are a pencil box, #2 pencils with erasers, crayons, glue and/or glue sticks, and scissors. Teachers also request donations of tissues and/or baby or Clorox wipes. Backpacks or a book bag are required for all students.


The Early Childhood and primary grades generally require only an 8 pack of classic colors of crayons and teachers may request age appropriate sized crayons, pencils and scissors. Napkins, straws, paint shirts, and rest time mats are items needed for Preschool, Pre-K, and Kindergarten.


Markers, colored pencils, pens, looseleaf paper, notebooks, folders, and rulers are items generally needed in the Primary, Intermediate and Middle School classrooms. Book covers are also required. Quantities and specifics of all items at these levels vary.